Significance of SAT Reasoning Test & ACT Test Review Classes in San Francisco

I wonder whether anybody seeks very extraordinary SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, & AP scores in the San Francisco area? Universities overweigh the ACT or SAT or SAT Reasoning Test because other measures, such as GPA, moral character, and school competitiveness, are difficult to compare and contrast. Overweighting the ACT and SAT Reasoning Test or SAT means students with good grades and from good secondary schools will need to protect them with solid ACT or SAT Reasoning Test or SAT scores in the San Francisco area. Overweighting the ACT or SAT provides a great opportunity to students who are lacking strong grades, or are at less highly-regarded schools. The ACT or SAT can be coachable. Everyone improves with SAT or ACT prep. The only question is how much. The ACT or SAT Reasoning Test or SAT is absolutely not a way of measuring fixed practical knowledge, capabilities, or “intelligence”. (Ask our numerous students who have raised their own scores as much as 850 points after a couple months of SAT Reasoning Test or SAT prep.) The ACT or SAT Reasoning Test or SAT is a good standard to aid in university admission decisions, given disparities in secondary school quality in addition to students’ personal choice of courses in San Francisco. The ACT and SAT Reasoning Test or SAT are mostly decent evaluations of skills and knowledge. They are not accurate predictors of success following college and are dubious predictors of success in college. Cue to the fact competitive four-year colleges have made them a major factor in their admissions decisions and merit scholarship awards, it is sensible for students in San Francisco seeking admissions at highly regarded colleges to study for the ACT and/or SAT. Who else is looking for very dramatically higher ACT, SAT Reasoning Test, and SAT Subject Tests scores in San Francisco or nearby?